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AL FARRAH ACCOUNTING CONSULTANCY LLC (AFAC) AFAC’s management predominantly in the areas of internal audits, accounting and book –keeping services, formation of companies, feasibility studies along with project report preparation and recruitment services. We provide services to numerous SME companies comprising retails, gold and jewelry, hotels, exchange houses, shipping, construction, trading, manufacturing, travel and tourism, schools, associations and so on. We follow international accounting standards and are committed to keep highest levels of professional standards and quality and integrity and honesty.

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AFAC provide ERP software specifically designed to improve the internal operational efficiency of small businesses. AFAC helps small and medium enterprises across diverse industry verticals to make the best use of their time & human resources by automating & streamlining day-to-day business operations.

AFAC integrates & streamlines your accounting, purchase, sales, inventory & payroll for faster operations, reduced expenses and increased productivity. Stay ahead of the competition with UAE’s best ERP software for small enterprises.

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